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At Omics Data Automation (ODA), we believe that the tools we have today are insufficient to extract the tremendous latent value sitting in healthcare data. Healthcare data is growing exponentially in scale and complexity. To solve this problem, ODA has developed a platform technology and associated software capable of ingesting, aggregating, harmonizing, and visualizing heterogeneous, multimodal healthcare data. The company provides the tools necessary to analyze these data with traditional machine learning or causal inference techniques at the individual or cohort level and at a single site or within a federation of sites. With deep expertise in molecular medicine, computation, data sciences, systems, and software,  we simplify the application of complex data to real world health challenges.

OUR VISION: We envision a deeply connected world where people and technology seamlessly share, explore and unlock the value of data, help contextualize it and facilitate discovery and improving patient outcomes.

WHO ARE WE: ODA is an interdisciplinary team of engineers, scientists, physicians and business people who share a common passion for improving human health globally through discovery and data. We are innovators inspired to provide better health data solutions that reshape the healthcare landscape.

WHAT DO WE DO: We believe that by solving the challenges related to multimodal healthcare data in both research and clinical practice. We are focussed on  improving  health outcomes, speeding up innovation, and finding meaningful interventions to some of the world’s most challenging problems.


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We're building a world-class team of innovators creating next-generation technology to solve today's most important data problems in healthcare. Come join us!

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