Chris Corless MD PhD

Chris is currently the head of Knight Diagnostic Labs at OHSU.
He leads the clinical Precision Medicine operation at OHSU and software development for clinical decision support.

Ganapati ‘Gans’ Srinivasa

Gans previously was a Senior Principal Engineer and the Chief Architect of several generations of multi-core Xeon processors at Intel Corp. At Intel, he spearheaded the Intel-OHSU Collaborative Cancer Cloud, a federated cloud platform for cancer research. He also holds over 30 patents to his name.

Kemal Sonmez PhD

Kemal has 20 years of computational modeling and machine learning experience at SRI International and OHSU. Recently he was the technical lead for the Intel-OHSU Collaborative Cancer Cloud and now leads the early detection computational effort at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute.

Aleksandr Shargorodskiy
Director of Business Development

Aleks, previously was a Hardware Engineer focused on high-performance computing in the Health & Life Sciences group at Intel Corp. His previous accomplishments include founding and managing the Intel Genomics Research Lab,  developing, designing & deploying OHSU’s Exacloud compute cluster, Intel’s Collaborative Cancer Cloud, and the Broad Institute/Intel Genomics Stack (BIGstack) solution.

Michael Wrinn PhD

Mike directed Intel research collaborations in heterogeneous computing, deep learning, and novel software/hardware design, and is currently focused on integrative analysis for cancer data.

Clay Breshears PhD

Clay has been involved with parallel computation and high-performance computing for over 30 years in areas of environmental quality modeling, ocean modeling, DNA assembly, cryo-electron microscopy, climate and weather simulation, and many others. He is the author of the book “The Art of Concurrency” (O’Reilly)

Hollis Wright PhD

Hollis previously worked with the Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute and Division of Neuroscience at OHSU, where he studied the computational combination of epigenomics, expression and sequencing data to predict functional relationships between genes that drive carcinogenesis, rare disease and neurological development.

Kevin Matlock PhD

Kevin has finished his PhD in Electrical Engineering at Texas Tech University under the mentorship of Dr. Ranadip Pal. His research has been focused on personalized cancer therapy, applied machine learning, and genomic signal processing.

Melvin Lathara

Melvin has worked in many areas related to the design and architecture of Xeon processors at Intel. He is looking to apply his skills in software and hardware design to precision medicine.

Scott Hill

Scott has worked in software system design of scalable data infrastructures involving various types of medical data. Recently, he has been focused on the application of heterogeneous computing within the field of big data analysis.

Nalini Ganapati

Nalini has spent a career developing compiler and other software tools and methodologies at IBM Rational and Symantec Corporation. Her current work is focused on scalable and optimized infrastructure for big data aggregation in Medicine.

Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn has worked on many software development projects pertaining to data management and analysis for large scale biological data. She is interested in producing scalable biological data aggregation solutions for joint inference to enhance and optimize the analytical ability of the biomedical community for clinical and research applications. She is currently working on her PhD at Oxford.

Brian Hill

Brian worked for Intel’s Health and Life Sciences group before joining ODA. He is currently working on his PhD at UCLA, focusing on computational genomics and heterogeneous computing.

Kim Basney

Kim has over 12 years of Grant Administration experience encompassing Research/Academia as well as for-profit organizations. Her experience with funders ranges from NIH, NSF, DOJ, Foundations, and private organizations.


Andrew ‘Drew’ E. Senyei, MD

Dr. Senyei is a venture capitalist and inventor with more than 30 years of experience in the building of emerging technology and healthcare companies. Dr. Senyei served as Managing Director of Enterprise Partners Venture Capital with $1.1B under management for 25 years. He has served on the boards of more than 30 private and public companies and was named one of the top 100 venture capitalists in the U.S. on Forbes magazine’s 2006 Midas Touch List.

Lincoln Stein, MD PhD​

Dr. Lincoln Stein is Head, Adaptive Oncology at OICR. Dr. Stein is the Program Director, Informatics and Bio-Computing, at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR), where he is responsible for the management and analysis of large integrative cancer research projects including the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) and its Data Coordination Centre, which is hosted at OICR.

Dileep Bhandarkar PhD

Dr. Dileep Bhandarkar is President of a consulting services company called Dileep Neural Network, Inc. He was Vice President, Technology at Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies, where he worked on next-generation server platforms and deep learning accelerators.