The ODA Framework enables MyPatient 360 to perform analytics and analyses on your data to improve the quality of treatment. Dynamic cohort creation enables you to mine your data to learn from, and improve treatment regimens.

MyPatient 360 combined all relevant patient data and offers machine learning powered visualization tools to explore and derive insight. MyPatient 360 was tailored for Tumor Board application to bring together disparate data from clinical silos.

Patient Snapshot

Bringing together a scrollable, visual patient history and all recent diagnosis, visits, medications, and lab orders create a snapshot of the patient’s medical history for the clinician.

Clinical Timeline

Using biomarkers to track patient progress is a vital tool to determine the effectiveness of a treatment regimen. Visualizing biomarkers such as Carcinoembryonic Antigen levels, and any additional relevant data provides insight, which can be used to quickly adjust treatments. The ODA Framework is used to quickly access & visualize this variety of data.

Co-Registered Slide Viewer

Next-generation pathology and imaging are generating more and more relevant visual patient data. ODA is developing new tools to enable ways for clinicians to quickly and efficiently view and process this data. ODA’s custom viewer uses the ODA Framework to process and register stained tissue samples and display the full-resolution slides. Our custom compression algorithms enable the viewer to have snappy, full zoom & pan tools.