One interface combines relevant patient data from multiple sources and patient cohorts to power clinical workflows via visualization, cohort selection, analytics, and machine learning tools. The integrated data representations and views enable multi-modal data exploration and provide rich insight into prognosis, pathology and treatment options.

MyPatient Snapshot

+   Brings together a scalable, visual patient history (including recent diagnoses, visits, medications, and lab orders) to create a clinician-friendly snapshot of the patient’s medical history at any level of detail.
+   Diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers improve clinical outcomes for patients with cancer. MyPatient visualizes biomarkers such as Carcinoembryonic Antigen levels, and any additional relevant data.

Clinical Imaging

+   PathView ODA’s Full Resolution Pathology viewer uses the ODA Framework’s high-efficiency data stores to enable responsive imagine manipulation, registration and annotation tools for whole-slide traditional H&E and/or multi-spectral full-slide images.
+  Integrated, robust OHIF-based Radiology Viewer with 3D modeling functionalities.