With our robust set of tools and microservices, the ODA framework will adapt to your needs.  ODA’s MyPatient 360, i2b2, OpenMRS, Jupyter, and Apache Zeppelin are already supported, and custom microservices can quickly be developed to fit your needs.

The ODA Frameworks flexibility extends to the hardware. Designed to be server-agnostic, the framework can run on hybrid computing platforms(MPI, Spark, AWS, Azure, GCP) and hybrid filesystems(Local, NFS, S3, Azure Blob, GCS). 

Scalable Performance

The ODA Framework was designed with performance & scalability in mind. Elastic compute and storage enables near-linear scaling when performance is needed. Our custom data stores scale with your data. 

Security & HIPAA

The ODA Framework is HIPAA compliant on any supported public cloud, and any local clinical compute resources. Framework access is only allowed through an OAuth2, 2FA for authentication, using TLS with LDAP/AP for resource authentication. The ODA Framework supports Intel’s Software Guard Extension(SGX) for sharing clinical data between organizations securely. 

Most Advanced Data Framework for Precision Medicine

Processing disparate medical data to enable lightning-fast computation and query

Data Ownership

The ODA Framework is deployed onto your choice of hardware, and all data stays under your ownership. Any insight generated from your data is owned by you.


The integration of existing and custom algorithms for mining data is simple to deploy. Making your data work for you, to improve quality of care and better clinical outcomes.


Our omics data store OmicsDS, is integrated with GenomicsDB an optimized sparse array data store for genomic data. GenomicsDB is open-sourced, initially developed by Intel HLS & Broad Institute with current development and maintenance spearheaded by ODA.


Our tile-based visual data store ImageDS improves performance for storage and analysis at scale. Custom in-memory lossy & lossless compression with tile & filter algorithms make this one of the most robust and powerful image data stores.

Public Cloud

All major public clouds supported, giving you the freedom of choice. The ODA Framework is also optimized for cloud compute and storage keeping your total cost of operations down.


The ODA Framework has support for multi-cloud, local/cloud, or over-flow to the cloud. The framework is customized to your organization’s specific needs and IT resources.


Traditional hardware setup for on-premise compute and data storage is supported. We’ve worked with many IT departments to seamlessly deploy the framework on their infrastructure.