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OXFORD VCU Epidemiology

ODA’s framework used to replicate study results quickly and effectively with profound results.

ODA’s framework empowered the CONVERGE study (Oxford VCU Experimental Research Genetic Epidemiology) to replicate its findings in half a day, rather than the six months it originally took the study. 

The Converge study aimed to identify genetic loci on chromosomes associated with depression. While it was ultimately successful in doing so, the original study required six months to find the loci. 

ODA’s framework analyzed data – both clinical and sequencing – and arrived at the same conclusion as the original study, but with one major difference. ODA’s framework achieved the same goal in half a day by using its distributed computation approach.

As a result, the study could validate its findings quickly and effectively. ODA’s framework offers several key benefits, including quickly identifying patients for cohorts and groupings for clinical trails. Further, ODA’s framework empowers hospitals, research institutions, and labs to leverage federation and causal inference to bring cures to trials, and ultimately to the public, quicker.