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Genomic Cloud Datacenter for Precision Medicine


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The ATLAS Community Health Initiative at UCLA School of Medicine is recruiting 150,000 – 400,000 patients with the goal of creating California’s largest genomic resource for translational medicine. A large-scale collection of diverse patient blood, saliva and tissue samples are genotyped for researchers and clinicians to analyze using the ODA Framework and a customized plugin to their Health record system.  ODA Framework was chosen for its multimodal analysis capability, scalability and its ability to interface with other systems and to support a variety of use cases like “Is a clinical behavior associated with a genetic trait? (GWAS)”, “Is a genetic trait associated with a clinical behavior? (PheWAS)”, “What is the current demographic profile of patients with data in Omics/Genomic store?”, “Which patients might benefit from a clinical trial for a new drug that targets a specific genomic related condition?”. The ODA Framework demonstrates its flexibility by delivering value to both researchers and clinicians and integrating with existing tools.