ODA Framework

Whether you want to leverage your own data or harness the power of global data, we have the framework to empower you.

Third-generation machine learning framework that unlocks the potential of your healthcare data.

Federated Learning

LEARN how our framework is empowering the healthcare industry to discover, collaborate and share vital new knowledge from millions of patient data sets across the world–while your data stays with you.

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Causal AI

ENGAGE our intelligent framework to aggregate and analyze counterfactual diagnostic algorithms by leveraging causal inference and accelerating better patient outcomes and cures.

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OXFORD VCU Epidemiology

ODA’s framework used to replicate study results quickly and effectively with profound results. ODA’s framework empowered the CONVERGE study (Oxford VCU Experimental Research Genetic Epidemiology) to replicate its findings in half a day, rather than the six months it originally took the study.  The Converge study aimed to identify genetic loci on chromosomes associated with depression. While it was ultimately successful in doing so, the original study required six months to find the loci.  ODA’s framework analyzed data – both clinical and sequencing – and arrived at the same conclusion as the original study, but with one major difference. ODA’s…

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