Automating Precision Medicine

Patients facing molecular diseases such as cancer and other genetic disorders benefit from precision treatments. Advances in clinical imaging, high throughput sequencing, and machine learning will soon enable doctors/clinicians to create a precision medicine regime, all in a day.


We are founded by doctors, engineers,
and computational biologists.

ODA focuses on precision medicine and related services, in particular big data aggregation of various data types ranging from sequencing to tissue images to MRI and various imaging modalities, automation and knowledge creation through machine learning for clinical and research areas.

We develop infrastructure for aggregating and analyzing multidimensional data to enable our customers to build knowledge and enable precision medicine, while keeping the total cost of operation (TCO) as low as possible.


“In 2050, Atossa will arrive at her breast oncologist’s clinic with a thumb-size flash drive containing the entire sequence of her cancer’s genome, identifying every mutation in every gene. The mutations will be organized into key pathways. An algorithm might identify the pathways that are contributing to the growth and survival of her cancer. Therapies will be targeted against these pathways to prevent a relapse of the tumor after surgery.”

The Emperor Of All Maladies, Siddhartha Mukherjee*


Imaging, omics, and other medical data are generated by a patient.

The data is then aggregated, annotated, indexed, stored, and analyzed via the ODA framework


Aggregating big heterogeneous clinical data to enable precision medicine: Advances in clinical imaging, high throughput sequencing, and data science have created a big market demand (estimated to reach $12B by 2020) for scalable and efficient computational infrastructure that will support creating accelerated, personalized solutions for cancer and other diseases (MS, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, psychiatric disorders, etc.). Precision medicine (PM) clinics, cancer centers, and hospitals will need systems to integrate multiple data modalities for a fast growing number of patients in order to use applications that are optimized for PM practice.


Next-generation scalable, secure, and flexible data infrastructure with a low total cost of operation. ODA has developed a framework for just that, aggregating multidimensional data to enable our customers to build and scale up their PM/clinical practice. Along with the ODA Framework, we have developed an array of tools and microservices to fit your data management needs.